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Taking Time For Yourself

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to steal a few minutes to yourself? Yeah I know what you're thinking..... "Im too busy"... "but the kids need".... "works hectic right now"... "insert your excuse". You don't need to schedule PTO to do this. Next time you have a few extra minutes to spare before work, after dropping the kids off at school, or even when you're done reading this, just step outside and go for a walk! In research studies walking has been shown to help improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Because walking is a weight-bearing exercise, it can also help prevent the bone disease osteoporosis. In recent studies people who walked briskly for 30 to 60 minutes a day lost weight even if they didn't change any other lifestyle habits. When you're having trouble getting out of your head the best thing you can do is get into your body. Having a park near my office gives me an easy excuse to arrive a few minutes early and take a stroll to clear my mind ahead of my days tasks. It's easy and FREE. So get out there and have a mini adventure today!

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