The Cure For A Lack Of Perspective

Have you ever been in a funk? A really bad one where everyone around you notices. Before your day even begins you’re already dreading it. Negativity seems to be poking its ugly head around every corner. Co-workers, friends, and family avoid you unless its utterly necessary. Those are all clear signs that its time to get away! It doesn’t have to be far, fancy, or expensive. A simple weekend out of town will do. Pick something you have been wanting to do for some time. Better yet just go somewhere you already love to visit. Getting out of our everyday routine has a cleansing effect on our minds. Being in a different environment reawakens your dulled senses.

"Getting out of our everyday routine has a cleansing effect on our minds"

Sometimes a little distance from your problems allows you the space to gain some perspective. You might start to miss those people you couldn’t stand to be around at work. Those irritating criticisms from your mother might reshape themselves as her harmless way to show she cares. Spend the time to focus on what you truly enjoy about your life and you’ll notice that things really aren’t so bad after all.

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