My Nikon fm2

A few weeks ago I decided to knock the dust off my Nikon and take it for a shoot. Working this baby is a real exercise in patience. Im all for digital. Lets be honest, its easier to shoot, the images are clearer, and you can take as many images as your memory card can hold. Not to mention theres no added costs of buying film and paying to process it. Oh did I mention that nowadays it can take several weeks to have your film developed. Im filling up with anxiety just thinking about it. Nevertheless I love this baby! I usually spend my time playing with lighting and shadows. Ive had this camera since it was handed down to me 17 years ago and I still have fun with it. The images have a raw look to them that no fancy pants editing software can easily match. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I still get out there and have fun with it! Let me know what you guys think. I Love getting tips on how to improve my shoots! Heres a few of the images that turned out.

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