Motivation Is Only Half The Equation


Its EVERYWHERE. Motivational posters, seminars, books, memes, gurus.. on and on and on. Im not going to lie. We could all definitely use a drip of it here and there to get us going throughout the day. The thing is, motivation is not always your best friend. Its more like that flaky friend that shows up only when he needs something. Then suddenly when you need something in return he’s just gone. You can also grow to depend on it too much. Almost like being in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. You NEED each other to exist. Now you know who your best friend truly is? DISCIPLINE! Discipline is the other half of the motivation equation. When you truly lack all motivation to do the things you know you should do, discipline is what carries you through. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline will never let you down. Its ingrained in you, ready to take over at a moments notice. Anything in life worth doing will more than likely require a touch of patience, drive, and the discipline to keep grinding. So remember to work that muscle, you never know when you might need it!

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  • “It’s more like that flaky friend that shows up when you need something.” SO TRUE!

    • Carly Whitesell