Mindful or Mind Full

Are you living in the present moment or are you off somewhere distant? A lot of us spend time on auto pilot throughout the day. We all go through the motions at times. What we have to remember is to focus in when it matters. When your spouse or partner is sharing a story from work. Are you going through the laundry list of to dos or are you really listening to them. Its easy to fake it for a while, but most people can tell when you’re just halfway listening and rushing them through the conversation. Next time you’re in the middle of a conversation or taking a hike through the woods make a conscious decision to be present in that moment. Carefully scan the environment, feel that gentle breeze caress your face, or nod emphatically as your partner speaks to you. Connections that we make on a physical and emotional level are what we find most rewarding in life. Comfort will be found in our cherished memories of times spent with loved ones. Next time you’re with a loved one, truly value the time you spend with them. After a life of promotions and luxury spending fades in your twilight years, its the relationships you’ve made that will stand the test of time. 

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