Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the secret weapons of hacking into your mind. It has the power of flipping any situation from pessimistic to positive. People who practice gratitude are shown to feel better about their lives as a whole. Lets face it, sometimes when things aren’t going our way we all have a tendency to doubt everything in our lives. The car breaks down and you start thinking, great whats next is the roof going to leak too! That project at work has you stumped and you start looking at your co workers with disdain as they’re able to accomplish their tasks with ease. Keeping a positive outlook while practicing gratitude can be as easy as doing a few of these things each day. Keep a gratitude journal. Show your appreciation for someone you love. Spend time in nature and notice its simple beauty. Live mindfully in the present. Simply smile more often! Practicing seeing the good in things even when they seem anything but great can truly elevate your day. Now that you have this secret weapon to carry with you throughout the day you can truly overcome any obstacle!

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