Impossible Possible Inevitable



The human brain is a tricky little thing. It doesn’t like change or for that matter encourages it. You're programmed to do the same things over and over again. Why? Because its safe and predictable. New experiences are anything but that. That thing in  our skull is the only thing holding us back from learning and growing as human beings. So its no wonder that all new experiences are at first deemed Impossible.

"Its never going to happen"

I haven't written a single thing since college, why do I think i can write a book? Only writers know how to write. I have no clue how to tell when a steak is cooked a perfect medium rare, guess we’ll just go out for dinner tonight. Deliberate practice is the key to all success. Once you begin to experiment and gain some early successes, the brain becomes accustomed to its new environment.

"I might be able to pull this off"

That first jog you take around the block, your brain will start screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WE DONT RUN”!. By the second week its thinking “IM NOT CRAZY ABOUT ALL OF THIS RUNNING STUFF BUT I GUESS WE’LL TRY”. Week three … “I LOVE RUNNING”!

"I actually did it!"

All things start out as impossible. With time and practice it becomes Possible. Then it eventually becomes Inevitable. What impossible ambitions have you accomplished? Leave a comment below!

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