Freedom Of Expression

To those of us with creative dispositions, theres nothing more suffocating than being unable to express ourselves freely. Those around us that don't have that itch, think of us as being selfish. Maybe they're right. Boundaries, protocols, or differences of opinions just don't really work for us. We do what we want, when we want, because we have to. They say teamwork makes the dream work and I’m all for collaboration. Its just when you have the vision and no one else can see it, we tend to block out all other input. A consequence of this is that sometimes we find it hard to maintain relationships. We over analyze and critique our work and that of those around us. Praise whether good or bad is irrelevant. Its the process of searching, but never quite arriving that keeps us content. We crave the process of creating something new. When all is said and done we move on to the next project. Keep Creating.

Just a thought.

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